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Jyske Bank
Jyske Bank årsrapport 2018

Key issues, strategies and successes in retrospect.

In 2018 we believed …

Google Pay – digitale betalingsløsninger

… that Danes want to use new, mobile payment solutions

In 2017 we were the first Danish bank to offer Apple Pay, and in 2018 we introduced Google Pay, Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay.


… that children want a digital piggy bank

Through the app ”Pengeklog” [Moneywise] we made the piggy bank digital – and gave children and parents an opportunity to learn about money and its value.

… that money laundering often involves big notes

One of the easiest ways to tackle money laundering and undeclared work is to do away with the 1000 krone note. You can therefore no longer withdraw 1000 krone notes at Jyske Bank.

Fremtiden er kontantløs

… that the bank will be cashless

Without cash undeclared work can be minimised and bak robberies and theft can be avoided. We therefore close the cashier’s desks and the outdoor ATM’s. In the future clients can withdraw and deposit cash in a comfortable environment in our lobby.

Jyske Realkredit

… that it must be easy and simple to get a home loan

In 2018 BRFkredit became Jyske Realkredit because we want to streamline and improve the client experience. We have taken the best from the mortage loans and the best from Jyske Bank’s popular bank mortage loans and built a broad range of home loans.

Jyske Bank kundeoprettelse

… that it must be easy to become a client 

Digital client registration saw the light of day in 2018. With the right ID it is easy to become a client of Jyske Bank – and, for instance, get access to Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

Jyske Munnypot

… that many Danes want to invest on their own

With the launch of the digital investment solution, Jyske Munnypot , clients were given the opportunity to invest part of their savings on their own – with  advisory services from the bank.

Jyske Visa Mobil

… that Visa Mobil is a strong supplement to the physical payment card

We always recommend our clients to have more than one payment card – both at home and abroad. Visa Mobil is a digital card which the client can order and start using right away.

… that prevention of money laundering is a top priority

Prevention of money laundering is more important than both earnings and advisory services. We take our responsibility and the high inherent risk of our business model very seriously and we constantly launch new initiatives to avoid being abused in connection with money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Det tror vi på i 2019

In 2019 we (also) believe …

Opdeling af Visa Dankort

… that competition in the payment services area will benefit our clients

We are still working on designing the best and most flexible payment solutions – and securing tough competition in the payment services area, among other things through a split-up of the Visa/Dankort.

Bæredygtig forretning

… that the green transition is necessary

We focus on and intensify  our sustainability initiatives in 2019 through a number of specific initiatives  which will affect the bank’s activities both internally and externally – and which will secure that Jyske Bank has a solid and future-proof business model.

Fokus på det danske marked

… that we are a bank with focus on the Danish market

We are the bank with the most branches in Denmark and a bank with strong local roots.

… that clients choose the mobile phone

We are designing “Mobile First” in 2019 and in the course of the year we will offer our clients much more bank on their mobile phones.

And last but not least

… that satisfied clients and employees are the key to succes

In 2018 surveys showed that our employees are the sector’s most  satisfied employees and that we are the bank among the  large banks which has the most satisfied clients. We believe that this will still be the key to succes.

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